What is ZeroBank?



Zerobank did not miss the opportunity to meet and share our products and services to the Vietnamese community in this special occasion. Vietnam Blockchain Festival, held on 24-25th May 2018 by Houbi, attracted more than 1,600 attendees and 30 reputable speakers from more than 20 countries.


ZeroBank is honored to be one of a few sponsors of Blockchain Forum - Vision and Development which took place at JW Marriott Hotel, Vietnam on 14th June 2018. The forum gathered various high-ranking Vietnamese government officials and policymakers plus over 300 CEOs/CTOs among 700 participants.


ZeroBank continued to spread our innovative project to the world by becoming a Silver sponsor for Blockchain Summit London – Europe’s largest dedicated blockchain event. The event organized on 26th - 27th June, 2018 at Olympia, London attracted more than 2500 industry leaders and tech giants.

Money Transfer & Exchange Industry

Market 3-C Problems

The current international money transfer and exchange industry typically depends on banking systems and MTOs.
However, these outdated-model businesses encounter many problems themselves, making them insufficient, sluggish, and costly.


International banks and global MTOs bear many kinds of cost due to their bulky, outdated, brick-and-mortar structures. For example, according to a recent research at Citi, the costs for maintaining legacy information systems, investing in new ones and paying IT staff, all adds up to account for 25% of a typical bank’s annual budget. Banks spend around $200 billion every year on IT, 80 percent of which – Citi estimates – is spent on maintenance and small evolution of legacy system. These costs translate into their excessive service fees.

The very way these institutions approach remittance service adds to the final costs, since they only deal with the most common currencies, ignoring vast swaths of those in need. Customers transferring to or from less common currencies can face double costs. Taking a specific example when a customer transfer money from the U.K. to China via Western Union (WU) system:

- WU takes GBP in the U.K. and transfer to China in USD => Customer bears GBP/USD spread from WU.

- WU’s partner in China has to use unofficial rate to convert the USD into CNY to pay out in CNY. Customer bears local USD/CNY spread.

Consequently, transferring money from the U.K. to China via WU systems, a customer bears two conversion rates with spreads (double expenses), in addition to high commission fees for the transaction.


Many banks with large network coverage are not involved in non-commercial transfers. However, although many banks and MTOs have developed strong networks, the money transfer industry in general falls well short of the entire market’s need, especially in remote areas where communities are small, and commercial activities are low.


Since the industry is heavily regulated by governments around the world, any banks involved in remittance transactions and all MTOs have to invest heavily to assure legal compliance, which in turn adds to the cost of their services. National banks in many countries are no longer licensing smaller MTOs, mostly due to problems concerning legal compliance, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, where Anti Money Laundering (AML) law is strictly enforced. Legal costs are forcing more and more players out of this market space, leaving customers with less and less options.

How ZeroBank System works?

The money transfer and exchange industry is not immune to the global movement towards decentralization and peer-to-peer sharing economies. In fact, these areas are poised to be some on the leading edge of those that thrive in this new paradigm. With the help of blockchain and smart contract technologies, along with the sharing economy model, ZeroBank will disrupt the outdated transfer and exchange models centralized around “too-big-to-fail” banking and MTO systems by bringing out a “money barter” model fit right in the current position of world money market.

Token Distribution

Token Details

  • Symbol
  • Total tokens issued
    1,600,000,000 ZB
  • Total tokens sale
    640,000,000 ZB
  • Token type
  • Token Price
    1 ZB = 0.075 USD
  • Preliminary Target
    $6 Million
  • Target sale amount
    $48 Million
  • Whitelist (25% - 50% Bonus)
    05/06/2018 - 10/07/2018
  • Pre-ICO (15% Bonus)
    12/07/2018 - 30/07/2018
  • ICO
    Tentatively Q4/2018

Core Team

Kai Yee Goh (MBA)

Co-founder & CEO

  • - Former Director (APAC) of Transfast – Worldwide Money Transfer.
  • - Former General Manager, Senior VP Business Development of United Financial Group.
  • - Former Director of Strategic Alliances (APAC) of Paypal.
  • - Former Managing Director (Asia) of Harte-Hanks.
  • - Former Director of International Business Development of Western Union.
Bao Ly (PhD)

Co-founder & CTO

  • - PhD degree in System Security and Optimization from Télécom SudParis.
  • - Member of Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global).
  • - Technical Architect at BNP Paribas Fortis.
  • - Former IT Consultant at AXA Investment Managers
  • - Former IT Consultant, Trade Booking Service, and Equity Derivative at HSBC Global Banking and Markets
Ben Nguyen (MSc)

Co-founder & CFO

  • - Founder of Kachi Investment LLC, U.S.
  • - CEO of Anh Quang., JSC – International Money Transfer Company, Super-agent of Money Gram, Express Money, Transfast, TML, Unimoney.
  • - Co-founder of Nguyen Brothers Travel Agency and Money Transfer Company, London.
Nam Cao (MA)

Communication Coordinator

  • - Founder and Chief Coordinator of the Vietnam program for Internet and Society (VPIS) – a member of the global Network of Internet & Society Centers (NoC).
  • - Initiator of the first annual Vietnam Internet Forum “Digital for Good” in 2017.
  • - Co-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam’s F&B Sector Committee (Amcham FBSC).
  • - Former Communication and Government Affairs Manager of PepsiCo Vietnam.
Marco Tessari (IT Engineer)

Blockchain Specialist & Developer

  • - Software Architect and Developer Community Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis, France.
  • - Engineer degree from EPITA, France
  • - Blockchain & Decentralized Exchanges Evangelist
  • - First-price of BNP hackathon 2018 with application "ETF on Blockchain" based on Bitshares, a Blockchain-based financial platform.

Other team members

Huong Le (PhD)

Legal Counsel

Mike Phung

Financial and Investment

Dong Ngo

Financial Analyst, Product Development

Son Nguyen

UI/UX Design

Thach Ho

Blockchain Specialist & Developer

Kimberley T.

English/Chinese Community Manager

Le Dung

Technical Developer

Ha Linh

Technical Developer

Nguyen Dien

Technical Developer

Le Loc

Technical Developer

Long Doan

Technical Developer


Thanh Vu (MSc)

Deputy Director Retail Banking
Division, Vietinbank

Saundarya Sauarbh

Blockchain Developer
ICO Strategist

Md Hidayat

Account Director at KRDS

David Murry

Blockchain ICO/TGE

Eduardo Argueta

Regulatory Business
Analyst at AxiomSL

Vadim Budaev

Co-Founder at
scorch.ai, AdHive.tv

Nam Nguyen Stanley

Investor Relations Advisor

Scott Douglas

Founder/CEO at Crypto Improvement Fund




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Viet Nam