Mar 27, 2019

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation and Investment Agreement between ZeroBank and Bineal Technology Ltd. held in Ho Chi Minh City at 15:00 on March 26.
Zerobank is a legal ecosystem utilizing blockchain and smart contract to create Zerobank Application enabling:

1.    Multi-cryptocurrency wallet and P2P OTC Trading and Exchange

2.    P2P International Money Transfer

3.    Multi-currency E-wallet for international Tourists-providing the lowest exchange rate and commission fee when traveling (paying for the travel expense or convert to local currency)

4.    Charitable donations for people in urgent need for help

This is a project of Vietnamese pioneer team with the cooperation with many multinational companies such as Anh Quang remittance company., JSC, North Asia remittance company, Bao Kim (In Vietnam) ), FQPAY (China), AmeerTech (Singapore),… This is a 4.0 project that promises to bring many breakthroughs in the future. After a period of negotiation, Coineal had selected ZeroBank as the first project in coneal labs to invest and help ZeroBank develop and prepare to enter the international market. ZeroBank has a group of outstanding staffs with many years of experience in the global money transfer market. ZeroBank and Bineal Technology Ltd found out that they are having many similarities and sharing the same vision. Therefore, they had decided to support each other to develop the product and make it globalized.

Bineal Technology Ltd is a China-based crypto-currency trading (coineal) management company. With a healthy growth rate even though it had founded since 2018, currently Bineal Technology Ltd trading market has a market capitalization of about USD 600 million (according to

Coineal Labs is a Blockchain incubator founded by Bineal Technology Ltd. This is a nursery that provides comprehensive long-term service along with the support for capital and all strategies for potential projects. Zerobank is the first project chosen by Coineal Labs. Hopefully, this cooperation will promote the creation of a potential 4.0 product from the Vietnamese team in the process of globalization and technology integration

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