ZeroBank signed a partnership agreement with M4M Asia in Hong Kong

Mar 12, 2019

Greetings from ZeroBank team!

We are delighted to announce that ZeroBank and M4M Asia — a micro transaction processing company based in Hong Kong have signed a partnership agreement to help bring the ZeroBank system to Hong Kong users.

ZeroBank is known as an innovative ICO project in the money exchange and remittance industry whose blockchain, smart contract technology and sharing economy application is unrivaled compared to any other projects.

We strongly believe that, the collaboration with M4M Asia will help ZeroBank achieve steady development in Hong Kong in the very near future. “ We are so excited to partner with M4M Asia. We also expect to apply the best practices in blockchain technology to turn ZeroBank into the most secure, convenient and trusted money exchange service in the Hong Kong remittance market”, said Mr. Kai Yee Goh , CEO of ZeroBank.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming updates and achievements.

About M4M Asia

Founded in 2014, M4M Asia is a micro transaction processing company whose statement is “to bring money transfers online — making the whole process quicker, easier and more secure”. The company develops self-service vending machines and provides payment services for everyone through convenient and trusted payments.

M4M Asia also offers consulting and design service in concept formulation, Kiosk prototype, application workflow, transaction definition and payment certification or continue through the production and development of entire kiosk development life cycle.

Latest ZeroBank partnership announcements:

  • In Vietnam, we partner with Bac A Money Transfer— a subsidiary of Bac A Bank which has more than 20 years of providing safe and trusted banking services for individuals as well as enterprises.
  • In China, we partner with QFPay Technology Corporation — one of the largest payment gateways in China.

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