Zerobank Update: The first version of MVP is launched on schedule

Mar 10, 2019

During the last few weeks, ZeroBank team has been gathering up speed and working with full capacity. Now, we proudly inform you that the very first version of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will be launched on schedule, within the next 7 days — on August 15th, to be exact.

After the launch next week, this MVP version will be released for the internal testing purpose. Regarding the release, we hope to show our team’s determination to build a genuine product according to the previously-agreed roadmap and to fulfill our promise of building a revolutionizing money exchange and remittance ecosystem.

For our community, our CTO, Dr. Ly Van Bao, will share some exclusive features of ZeroBank application on the MVP release day.

Save your date and stay tuned for more updates on the project development!

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